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Make it easier to get your products specified

Designers are looking for a new and better way of specifying your products


Support them by embedding your products directly into their product specification tool


Gain immediate and actionable data-driven insight about your products and the marketplace

The future is now. Are you in?

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"We came on-board with Spektd early on to help our customers create productivity gains... we all now believe that remote working will become more the norm and Spektd is a perfect enabler of this shift."

Chris Small,

LUMINO Sales Director

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“Lighting professionals have been crying out for smarter ways of working for many years... we knew immediately that we wanted to support our customers by being part of it (Spektd)” 

Peter Le Manquais

WILA Managing Director


What are you doing differently in our rapidly changing marketplace?

Products added directly to designer specifications

Designers search for products using Spektd’s search filters.


If your products match, they’re instantly presented with detailed specs. Designers can add your products to their project specification with a single click.

Designers can also contact you with a single click, providing sales teams with warm leads.


Manufacturers can use Spektd to present product case-studies to designers, with links to detailed specs of featured products within Spektd.

Make your data work for you

Is your product data accurate and well organised?


Great product data is vital in today’s specification marketplace. Don’t worry if your data is a mess, Spektd will help ensure your data is well structured and accessible to designers.


Spektd gives you full control of your product data including images, line drawings, photometry and BIM files within a fully secure database.


You can even upload products in pre-production with expected launch dates. Designers can select these products for their projects scheduled after your launch, providing you with an early indication of likely uptake.


Your Spektd product database is a powerful tool for your sales team or distributors, enabling fast review and search of your entire portfolio for specific products that fulfil a client’s requirements.


Could better product data management empower your business?

It might be time to consider a Product Information Management (PIM) system. We’ll help you work through the possibilities of PIM and your business gains. We’ll help you leverage the power of your data to populate other sources, such as your website, product data sheets, product configurators and apps.

Insight through analytics

Spektd provides manufacturers with data-driven insights about your products and the marketplace supporting smarter decision making.


Find out how many lighting specifications include your products, providing measurable ROI.


Know the likely order timelines, improving your production and logistics planning.


Understand why your products are specified, and why they weren’t.


Evaluate your product engagement levels – from being compared to competitors’ products to their inclusion in a specification – helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses.


Uncover market trends, identify the type of products preferred by designers informing your product development focus.

Project by: Zenisk

“This is a real asset, it is really going to improve how the industry works”

Rob Hall

Project Consultant, BEGA

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