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Project by: Zenisk

Tired of dull admin tasks?

Project Specification

made simple

​Automate your luminaire specifications, make more time for innovative designs

Leave the grunt work to us!

Project by: Zenisk

Search and Discover

Our advanced search filters allow you to find lighting products that fit your exact needs. Detailed information from well known high-end manufacturers all shown in the same way so you can quickly find what you need.


Compare in-depth product details and save your favourites to your private library, or add to your design projects. 

UI development.jpg

Automated specifications

Add products from our database to your projects with one click, or enjoy complete control when creating custom products.

A3 layout Example_Spektd.jpg
A3 layout Example_Spektd.jpg
A3 layout Example_Spektd.jpg

Bespoke layouts 

Export documents to our specially designed templates, or create your own templates to align with your practice's look and feel. 

Collaborate & Remote working

Grant access to colleagues to view or edit your projects. 

Spektd saves your work in real-time, securely saved in the cloud and accessible when working at home, in the office or on the go.

Lovers of light

Get more time to be creative!

Spektd was designed by lighting designers who were sick of spending hours updating and checking spreadsheets. It's time for lighting designers to use specialised tools for their specifications as well as their drawings.


Use Spektd to match your design needs with quality products from renowned lighting manufacturers, or to easily specify bespoke lighting.

Speed up your dull admin work, and spend more time focusing on improving peoples’ lives with creative lighting solutions.

_DSC4318_Akersgata compressed.jpg

“Spektd is the breakthrough that we've all been waiting for;

it could help transform the way that our industry works.”

John Bullock

Editor, The Light Review

Project by: Zenisk

“A free software that increases efficiency AND gives me freedom.

I am beyond excited!”


Rebecca Hodge

Senior Designer, Foundry

Project by: Zenisk

Are you in?​

Software licenses will be granted FREE of charge to a limited number of users.


Whether you are the Director of a practice wanting to increase your company's productivity and operating margins or the newest recruit in the building, who wants to be more efficient in your everyday design work.​

We can help.

Why Us

Why us

We join the dots between specifiers and manufacturers working in professional lighting.

At the heart of spektd is a collaboration of talent: experts for the lighting industry, technology, data analytics, strategy and marketing working seamlessly together.

We have an unprecedented insight into the challenges faced by the lighting industry, and the knowledge and experience to help develop betters ways of working.


We are always looking ahead.

“Spektd cuts through the fog and makes specification writing easier. The platform’s clever and intuitive functionality makes sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.”

Kael Gillam

Principal Lighting Designer, Hoare Lea

Project by: Zenisk

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