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In today’s world, expectations of urban lighting luminaires go far beyond illumination. Safer, smarter and controllable units enhance all our lives. At HEPER, we are advocates for the right use of light. With our mission to “improve people’s lives through light”, we work hard every day to deliver on our vision to “engineer solutions beyond lighting for sustainable urban spaces with our passion for excellence, through light.” We are always looking for ways to innovate and be a leader in our sector, never forgetting the importance of ensuring the correct balance of light and energy efficiency.

We are committed to offering contemporary products for architectural, landscape and façade lighting applications. Composed of highly durable and eco-friendly materials, every HEPER luminaire stands out because of our engineering mastery, modern design and exquisite optics.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke products for your projects. Delivering solutions for clients through our flexible approach and custom production is one of our key strengths. Regardless of the quantities required and where in the world your project is, we will ensure our products complement your exceptional projects. We can help turn your imagination into reality. If you ever need a custom design luminaire solution, our experienced team can take the lead and work hand in hand with lighting designers and architects to help achieve your objectives. We are at your disposal for all your unique product needs.

Great design and technology inspire us in our endless quest to innovate new lighting solutions. Technology advances help us to shape the future of lighting allowing us to provide smart solutions that enhances both people’s life and nature. Our smart city applications make it possible to take control of cities via smart nodes on lighting poles and fixtures. We believe we are more than just a lighting manufacturer and would be delighted to introduce you to our take on smart cities with products that offer EV charging points as well as various light and connectivity choices. HEPER is all about making things possible! 


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